Why am I starting to write?

Why I am starting to write.jpg

On a daily basis I am fighting the same battles that very likely you face as well. I am not referring to physical battles as you may guess but to those mental ones taking place in your head between your courage and fear, self-doubt and convictions. The format in those fights funny enough is similar to a talk show. Our brain – especially when bored – comes with tons of generic questions such as:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I happy?
  • Why am I struggling to keep in shape even after I invested so much in gym memberships?
  • Why didn’t I follow up on my promise to my family from last week
  • Why I don’t feel I am really making progress on my dreams and goals?
  • How come Sophia has time for everything and I can’t even finish work on time?
  • … as this is an endless list, feel free to add your most common questions.

Once the question is posted, we become preoccupied looking for an answer. And that is ok. That is what makes us humans – thinking about stuff. At the same time, I have realized that having some form of structure around your life – habits, rituals, frameworks – makes it easier to fight those daily battles and to increase  chances of actually doing what you want and be in the director’s chair of your life. By sharing my thoughts on topics such as personal development, habits, rituals, psychology, business, travel (so pretty much anything and everything) I aim that both you and I can better navigate those battles.

It will be an exciting journey ahead! Jump on board!


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